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You may be thinking about :


  • developing, refreshing or introducing new lines

  • having problems with your suppliers? items always out of stock, invoice errors, wrong items delivered or not turning up – you have enough things to worry about then chasing up an incompetent supplier

  • you’ re disappointed when deliveries arrive, there’s no ‘Wow Factor’ just bland and boring – and your clients who dine in Michelin starred restaurants expect quality and notice.

  • you have inconsistencies with the size, shape, taste and look with every order

  • you can’t get good quality Gluten Free , Vegan, Eggless, Dairy Free,  Vegetarian, Halal or on-trend in demand items like raw foods – paleo – low carb – superfood ingredients or unrefined and low sugar items.

  • your supplier has become too big, their quality has dropped and their focus and attention is elsewhere

  •  or you have outgrown your existing supplier and they can’t keep up with demand

  • or you are searching for a patisserie chef or not wanting the added expenses of employing one

  • you want to use local a supplier who use locally sourced ingredients, produce and staff rather then having your products driven 200 miles to be delivered to you

  • you want to switch from frozen machine manufactured to more artisan, rustic and handmade

  • you just want to take another supplier on board to help you during busy periods

  • or you’re happy but know it’s  risky to rely on only one  supplier as you’re held hostage to price increases or if they suddenly go out of business… you’re stranded

Whatever the reason, we would like the opportunity to provide you with some free samples to show to you just how good our baking is and discuss what your needs are to see if we can add value to your business For your  free sample box  or if you have any questions or enquiries please call or email

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